Sending a Child Off to College: What You Need to Know

Is your child at college, living in a dorm, covered by your homeowners policy? Most homeowners policies provide 10% of content limits of your homeowners policy. For example, if your homeowners policy has $200K of coverage, you have $140K of contents coverage, which allows for $14K of property coverage for your college student, assuming that the damage was caused by an event covered in the policy. Is that enough coverage?

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Hosting a Graduation Party? Are You Covered?

We know you are crazed right now preparing for graduation and planning the details of the party. We totally understand. We have kids of our own. But! It is our job to metaphorically tap you on your shoulder and ask, “Have you taken steps to protect yourself?

Graduation parties are bursting with over-exuberance and excitement. But, as hosts, you need to be vigilant that the combination of parental excitement, underage guests and available alcohol does not lead to tragedy.

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Brides: It’s Not Romantic, But It’s Important

What do brides think about before their weddings? Color schemes, vows, flowers, unicorns, rainbows and puppies. It is all so beautiful!

What do brides NOT think about before their wedding? Hurricanes, deaths of family members and the venue burning down two days before the reception.

We HOPE your wedding goes off without a hitch! But alas! Disaster can strike. Just ask your wedding planner. She could tell you some stories! How can YOU protect your special day? Wedding insurance. Yes, we said it, as unromantic as it is. Wedding insurance.

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Does Your Small Business Need Cyber Insurance? YES!! Seriously!

Does Your Small Business Need Cyber Insurance? YES!! Seriously! Business owners do what they need to do to protect their businesses. Most businesses invest in physical security and general liability insurance, but cyber security is usually limited to a firewall and some antivirus software. It’s not enough!! This gaping hole in protection leaves many small businesses exposed to the high cost of cyber attacks … which are increasing in frequency. According to SmallBizTrends, more than half of all small businesses experience a cyber attack or data breach in a given year. On average, these businesses experience about $880,000 indirect losses due to
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Your Airbnb Will Leave You Unprotected

Your Airbnb Will Leave You Unprotected We get it. Renting your home out to earn some extra dollars is tempting. But! Your homeowners policy will not likely cover home sharing. Before you become an Airbnb — or join a similar company — contact us to see if you are covered. Most likely you are not. Most insurance carriers consider renting your home as an Airbnb to be a business. This will not be covered by homeowners insurance. And if one of your guests falls down your stairs and is paralyzed? Well, you will be responsible. Yes, we are telling you this to scare you.
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Hiring an INSURED Contractor this Spring

Hiring an INSURED Contractor this Spring ‘Tis the season – Here come the contractors! If you really want to enjoy your renovation/addition/repair – and I mean TRULY enjoy it — make sure that your contractor has the right insurance coverages; doing so can save you a lot of headaches and – potentially — financial hardship. What kind of insurance should your contractor have? If your contractors have employees, they should have Workers’ Compensation insurance. This covers the cost of medical bills of any employees injured while working on a project and it covers their lost wages should they have to leave
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Ten Steps to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Ten Steps to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums We know you want to save money on your insurance. Who doesn’t? Here are ten steps you can take to lower your premium. Bundle your insuranceInsurance carriers tend to give great discounts when you bundle your auto insurance with other insurances, such as your homeowner’s insurance, renters insurance, motorcycle/RV/boat insurance, or even if you have insurance on multiple vehicles. It’s worth a conversation with us to see if we can bundle the policies with one carrier.  Reach out to us before you buy a vehicleLet us know what models you’re considering and
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