What keeps you positive every day?

2020 has been an odd year, to say the least. We are all working, in our masks, staying distanced and keeping safe. Julie, Susan, Nancy, Kelsey, Ashley and Karen come to work every day and serve the needs of our clients. Boy, are we proud of them.

What keeps us going? A positive attitude toward our roles. We are needed! The services we provide are needed! We love helping clients through unusual issues, claims, questions and, simply, life changes that affect their insurance. But! We are the people behind the phones and the masks. So we asked the staff …

Nancy Fraboni: “Time with my family, enjoying new adventures with my newly-retired husband, and laughter with my friends.”

Doug Hagin: “I work with a team that consistently tries to do the best it can for its clients, working as a team, solving client concerns together. Not only that, this team is like family and that makes me smile every day.”

Karen Vann: “Gardening in the lush Finger Lakes environment and enjoying the natural beauty of the area on my way to work! I am also focused on being part of the essential workforce and being available for our clients. I want to make sure I am helping THEM stay positive!”

Kelsey Hagin: “Working with my friends and even my dad. Being with people I LIKE makes all the difference. Having my dad as my mentor is priceless. Plus, we can bring our dogs to the office, and if anything will keep you positive, it’s having your dog by your side all day!”

Susan Steinruck: “I notice that business is ramping up. People are buying houses again and purchasing more toys. I like that people are finding a way to enjoy being closer to home.”

Mike Stamp: “Air conditioning! And the fact that we get along so well here in the office. Plus, there is a sense of accomplishment when your knowledge and experience can help a client, especially NOW.”

Ashley Jayne: “Being able to come into the office every day, knowing we are able to be there for our clients when they need us. Also, through these hard times, we have been given opportunities to give back to our community and that is uplifting. And, then, going home at the end of the day and taking my dog for a long walk by the lake.”

Julie Wilbur: “I know that I can’t change what is happening, so I want to thrive in the current situation. I enjoy being with my family and making memories! Just keep smiling!”

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