Should I Have a Dash Cam?


Oh man. More technology to consider?? Yeah, but a dash cam (dashboard camera) could save you a lot of heartache … and money.


Financial and Safety Pros of Having a Dash Cam:

  • You Have Documentation of What Happened in an Accident
Vehicle driving down a highway with dashcam hanging on the dashboard window

Photo by Ratgeber on Reichelt

Dr. Phil says, “No matter how flat you make a pancake, there are always two sides.” When it comes time to describe the events of an accident, your version and the other driver’s version will differ. The dash cam is an unbiased witness. The dash cam footage can be given to law enforcement and your insurance company. If the other driver was at fault, having dashcam footage would maximize your chances of getting a fair settlement from his insurance company.


  • You Can Possibly Avoid Traffic Tickets

If you received a ticket and don’t believe you committed the offense for which you were ticketed, dash cam footage can help to get the charges dismissed.


  • Enjoy Extra Security

Some dash cams feature GPS functionality for added security. If your car is stolen, you will have a much greater likelihood of finding and recovering your vehicle.


So, should you have a dash cam? It’s not a necessity, but it would offer some fantastic peace of mind.