Happy Valentine’s Day


14 Things We Love on Valentine’s Day – an insurance agent’s perspective:


Happy Valentines Day with red letters, red hearts on white background

EC Cooper Inc | Happy Valentine’s Day

    • We love when you visit E.C. Cooper and bring your pets!


    • We love when Mike Stamp, our president and volunteer fireman, rushes from his office to go save a life. We are so proud of him.


    • We love Jan Lewis who recently retired, and we keep looking around, wondering where she is.


    • We love when you ask us to review your insurance policy. We enjoy knowing that we have double-checked that you are properly protected at the best rate.


    • We love lunch hour and the fact that our office is in the heart of the village; we can go out our back door, walk LITERALLY 32 feet, and get some Jerlando’s Pizza.


    • We love that Emily Moore joined our team last year! She is an experienced agent and a go-getter and the combination is exciting.



    • We love that we can protect businesses against cyber attacks. Scary stuff! Talk to us if you need protection.




    • We love the new Defensive Driving Course company that we chose in 2019 – Improv Driving School. It makes taking the online course fun! Take the course and save money on your insurance. Visit our website to register and get a $5 off code.


    • We love that we are just about two months away from spring!


    • We love when it is Bring Your Dog to Work Day … which is really any day we want.


  • We love posting pictures of our friends on Facebook, so come in, grab your favorite agent and take a picture with him or her! We appreciate all of you so much.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Feel free to send us some love here in the comments.