Why Your Insurance Company is Deemed an Essential Business


We all know why grocery stores and gas stations are considered essential businesses in this time of crisis. It makes complete sense!


But why are insurance companies being kept open? Why are our six staff members not in isolation like so many others? Of course, we were not present when Governor Cuomo made his decisions, but we think we understand why we are considered essential. We wanted to share that with you.


But first, of course, Doug and I consider all of our staff members essential. Every day. We appreciate them, we love them and we want them safe. But they aren’t just essential to us. They are essential to you, this community and this economy.


Doctors, nurses, police officers, firemen, sanitation workers, custodians, politicians, homeless shelter workers, hundreds and thousands of people need to get to their overtly essential jobs. They need to do that without fear of liability issues should they not be insured. We have to be here to make sure they are protected so they can go to work without thinking one thought about us. Their cars will break down and they will need to buy new cars. They will get in accidents. Their houses may even catch fire. But they can’t stop what they do, so it is our job – our ESSENTIAL job – to make sure they remain insured.


One fantastic aspect of this work is the rewarding feeling we have every day when we know we have helped someone who needed us. Truly, we would all say that is one of the best parts of this job. Well, the people on the front lines need us now, and if we have to go in to work, keeping our distance from one another, asking our clients to call us rather than come in, meeting our clients at the curb outside six feet apart, then, gosh darn it, that is what we need to do.


When this is over, we’re going to hug Emily, Kelsey, Sue, Nancy, Ashley and Julie and tell them what a great job they did. They are essential every day … and even more so now … and we are very proud of them.


EC Cooper Inc | Essential Business

Mike Stamp and Doug Hagin, agency owners