Your beautiful home is bursting with treasures, memories, furniture, décor, toys, art, so much awesome …. well … stuff that makes YOUR home Y.O.U.R. H.O.M.E. We want to help you protect all of it. We offer you choices from more than ten insurance carriers and we’ll find the right carrier to protect all that fabulous stuff.



Just like with your automobile insurance, you have many choices when it comes to motorcycle insurance. Allow us to make sure you have an insurance package that protects your favorite toy and YOU. Many of our carriers offer terrific packages for motorcycle insurance, and we will happily find the right package for you.

Renters Insurance

Everyone who is renting should have renters insurance! Even if it is not required by your landlord, we simply can’t stress enough how important – and affordable! – it is. For as low as $125 a year (Think $12.50 a month!), your belongings will be protected if there is a fire or burglary. Your landlord WILL NOT insure your belongings! Let us help you protect yourself.


You have many choices when it comes to automobile insurance, so be particular. Be choosy. Pick auto  insurance that offers you the RIGHT coverage, not just “any old coverage.” We offer you choices from more than ten insurance carriers, enabling us to find you a package that works best for you, protecting you – and everything you love — properly.

Recreational Vehicles

Whether your RV is a fun summer toy or your year-round home, we are ready to protect that home on wheels! RV insurance is interesting; it is not the same as automobile insurance nor homeowners insurance, but it is has properties of both. Luckily, we are experts and we are ready to explain the nuances to you, finding you the right insurance package at the right price.

Landlords Insurance

Protect your property, even if you are not living in it. Your rental properties may not be your home, but they are worth protecting. We insure a number of rental properties in Watkins Glen and the surrounding communities, so we know how to best get you the coverage you need. We will help you the right insurance package at the right price.

Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella insurance is extra liability insurance designed to help protect you – and your assets and your future — from major claims and lawsuits. This insurance provides coverage above the limits of your homeowners, auto, and boat insurance policies. If you are someone who needs the security of another layer of protection, we can talk to you about your options.

Classic Cars

In Watkins Glen WE LOVE OUR CLASSIC CARS! We are ready to insure whatever beauty you bring to us. We have a number of different insurance carriers who look forward to insuring your classic car, so we can easily work with you to find you a terrific package.

Watercrafts and ATVs

We love toys! We insure all the fun toys that make living in upstate New York so much fun. We have many different carriers who are ready to insure your boats, ATVS and the like. We will shop those carriers to find you a great package at a competitive price. Leave the insurance shopping to us … you just go have fun!

We also offer Life Products:

Individual Accident and Health

Group Accident and Health

Disability Income