We have an ultra-helpful answer for you: Maybe!

But why “maybe?” You pay your premiums, right? Why shouldn’t you turn in every claim?

Well, the reason you don’t turn in every claim is because you don’t want your insurance company to look at you as someone who is careless or neglectful. Like, if you lost your wedding ring. Then dinged a mailbox. Then your dog bit your neighbor. All in one month. Well, that’s a lot. Insurance companies need to have a solid partnership with you, based on trust — trust that YOU are going to be cautious and careful in your everyday life, and trust that THEY are going to be there for you when you need truly them. If your insurance company sees you as someone who is careless, neglectful, reckless or inattentive (We know a lot of adjectives!) they can choose not to renew your coverage at your renewal date and, since your claims history can be reviewed by other insurance companies, it could be harder to get insurance with a new company.

Additionally, some people file claims that do not meet their deductible. But! The information reported could lead to a discount being removed or a surcharge being added.

If you ever need advice about whether or not you should put in a claim, give us a call 607-535-2731. We will happily point you in the right direction.