Car Damage By Mice: Is This Covered By My Insurance?

Mice are such powerful, destructive little fellas.

Car damage by mice can be devastating. One mouse can quickly – within days — cause thousands of dollars in car damage, both aesthetically and operationally. Their damage ranges from destroying your seats to rendering your vehicle inoperable. Within the last six months, E.C. Cooper had two claims involving mice damage, both over $10,000!

Brown and white mouse holding paw up, has red eyes looks alert, on white background.

Photo by Kanashi on Unsplash

Aesthetically, repairing damage to the seats, door lining or the dashboard, for example, can run into the thousands for each damaged piece. Operationally, a chewed-up main wire harness or engine control module can also run into the thousands to repair. And, if a mouse gets into your venting system – from the perspective of maintaining your good health — the dash area may need to be disassembled for a very thorough cleaning. “A mouse in the heating/cooling system is a smell that never goes away,” says Nancy Fraboni, E.C. Cooper Licensed Agent. “Trust me. I KNOW.”

Animal-related damage to your car can be covered by your auto insurance policy, but it is usually covered if you have purchased an optional comprehensive coverage on the policy. Why don’t you give us a call to make sure you are covered for this type of damage? We are here to help.