The Law Has Changed: Smoke Detector Installations

Firefighter standing in front of a house fire with flames leaping out of the windowThis is not going to be our most riveting blog. Nothing about cool local events or winter driving tips. But! This is information that every homeowner, renter and landlord should have. So we will give you the important details in the short version and then a link which will give you more information.

First, some disturbing numbers: On average, seven people die every day from home fires — mostly impacting children and the elderly — and 36 people suffer injuries every day as a result of home fires. More than $7 billion in property damage occurs every year. (

What does that mean for you? What changes in the law affect us all?

The law: Any replaced or added smoke detectors after April 1, 2019 are required to be 10-year battery powered or hardwired.  After this date, traditional removable smoke alarms will be unavailable for purchase in NY State.

(Sale and rental transactions are not subject to the requirement of new smoke detector law, but we encourage sellers and landlords to click the link below to get more details.)

Want to learn more? Here is the link for more information:

Furthermore, Carbon Monoxide alarms must be installed in all new and existing one- and two-family dwellings, multi-family dwellings and rentals having any fuel-burning appliance (including natural gas, oil, propane etc.), system, or attached garage.

For more information, here is the link:

If you have any questions about the protection you have on your policy, please feel free to call us and we will review your policy with you.