Auto Insurance Add-ons

Sure, there is insurance you NEED to have to be on the road. We all know that. But! There could be auto insurance add-ons that you are overlooking. These could be essential when it comes to protecting your assets.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage helps pay for non-collision related claims like fire, wind, hail, water, flood, theft vandalism, contact with birds or animals, falling objects and more. Some people with older vehicles might skip this coverage, but it should be reconsidered. Many of these events can do extensive damage to a vehicle and render it undrivable or valueless.

Collision Coverage

Although your policy will cover damage to other peoples’ vehicles when you are at fault in an accident, it does not cover damage to your car. (“Wait. What?”) Collision coverage will cover the cost to repair or replace your vehicle after an accident. If you own an expensive vehicle, you want to make sure you have collision coverage. No doubt about it.

Emergency roadside coverage

Breaking down on a dark night is scary. Emergency roadside coverage means you will be assisted quickly. The peace of mind that comes with this insurance? Well, break down once on a dark night and you will say “priceless.”

Rental car coverage

Seems obvious, right? But make sure you have it. If your vehicle is in an accident and has to go into the shop for repair, rental car coverage reimburses you for the cost of the rental car.

Rideshare coverage

If you are a driver for one of the rideshare companies, it is critical that you consider this valuable coverage. The coverage provided by your company typically only covers you when you are on a trip with a customer. However, rideshare coverage will cover you in the event you are logged into the application waiting for your next pickup request.

Pet coverage

If your pet is often in your vehicle with you, you may want to consider pet coverage. Pet coverage will help with the vet bills if your pet is injured in an accident. Yes, really.

Do you want to know more about any of these coverages? Call us! We are insurance geeks – er … experts – who can help you with any questions.