We offer a full suite of business products including:

Commercial Property

Commercial Liability

Workers Compensation


Commercial Auto

Errors and Omissions/ Professional Liability

We also offer Specialized Commercial Products:

We have specific experience working with a variety of specialized industries, including:


Our area is rich with wineries! We grew up in the vineyards. We are well-versed in the specific needs of wineries.


We are pleased to represent so many area municipalities. The insurance needed is complex and our team is rich with experience. Owners Mike Stamp and Doug Hagin work diligently to protect our communities.


We have been insuring local landscapers for many years, and we understand that it is not simple. There’s a lot of ground to cover. (Pun intended!) We are truly experts at making sure landscapers – and their clients – are protected.

Hotels, Motels, Vacation
Rentals, Bed and Breakfasts

What pairs nicely with an area rich with wineries? An area rich with places to stay. We have been insuring most of the area resting stops for more than 100 years and we know the nuances of insuring and protecting people who come for a short stay.


Restaurants have complex insurance needs! We understand that. We insure many of the area restaurants and have been doing so for generations. We know what it takes to properly insure a restaurant, bar, café, snack bar, you name it!


In addition to being rich with wineries in Watkins Glen, we are rich with watercraft businesses, so we are, through experience, adept at properly insurance watercraft businesses. We have been doing it for decades.


We insure more than a hundred small contractors, plumbers and kitchen and bath remodelers. We understand the special circumstances of being a contractor. We assist contractors as they navigate the many complicated insurances needed.

Retail stores

Watkins Glen is lucky to have all sorts of small, locally-owned retail stores in the community! We truly enjoy protecting our small businesses; they are a special group of people.

Auto Mechanic Garages

The insurance needed for a garage is complicated. We can easily navigate the insurance waters because we have insured most of the area garages for more than 100 years.

Apartment Houses

This is one of our fortes. We have been insuring area apartment houses for more than 100 years and we understand the needs of the owners and the dynamic between owner and tenant.

Home Businesses

Even without a storefront, you need proper protections. There are many interesting nuances that go along with operating a business out of your home. Luckily, we understand those nuances and are ready to help.

Auto, ATV and
Motorcycle Dealers

There are many intricacies to dealership insurance. Every vehicle on the lot needs to be insured, even those in for repair. We are adept at handling the insurance needed at dealerships; we have been doing it for generations. And if you need dealer plates, we do that, too.


Upstate New Yok loves campsites! We understand the needs of campsite owners. Just like with hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts, there are insurance intricacies involved with having, essentially, tenants that change daily.

Salons/Booth Rental

We insure many of the area salons and individual business owners who are enjoying booth rental. Booth renters are, of course, small business owners and that is what we do best – inure our local small businesses!

Small Businesses

We are a small business, so we understand the intricacies of insuring a small business. There is a special touch needed, a relationship. We know that and encourage that relationship.